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Yes.  In most circumstances we do not adopt outside of the Kansas City area that is more than a three hour drive.

Yes.  As long as you have been preapproved via the adoption application process and notified us who you would like to place a hold on by 3:00pm prior to the next adoption event.  We occasionally have multiple holds on the same cat and will handle it in a sequential manner.  We will advise the prospective adopter ahead of time, when to arrive at the adoption center.

Generally, they range from $85 to $165 plus $20 for the microchip.  The cat’s biographies will state their adoption fee.  The fees for kittens are usually more due to the cost associated with the series of vaccination and booster shots required at a younger age.  We will discount half price off the lesser adoption fee if you choose to adopt two cats.

Usually the first two hours after opening on Saturday and the first hour after opening on Sunday are the busiest, as we accommodate prospective adopters that have been pre-approved and have a hold on a cat.  Those with a pre-approval and a hold will be notified of when to arrive by a Kitty City Kansas representative.

A slow introduction into the home is best.  Allocate a room (e.g. bathroom, bedroom) where the new cat can be secluded from general house activity and other pets.  This will allow the cat to learn and adapt its sensory input from a protected environment.  Slow and supervised introductions with small children and other pets are ideal.


The majority of our cats and kittens come from Animal Control or shelters where they are at risk of euthanasia

Yes.  All kittens and cats are fully vetted upon arrival.  They are vaccinated against Distemper and Rabies (when age appropriate), tested for Feline Leukemia (FELV) and treated for parasites.  Additional medications are given as needed.  Vaccinations are current at the date of adoption and the adopter will receive a printed history of vaccinations and any medications the kitten or cat has received.

Yes. It is our policy to spay or neuter the cat prior to adoption. Part of the adoption fee goes towards the spay/neuter service.

Yes, all of our cats available for adoption are microchipped.  We will also microchip any cat or dog for $20 with an appointment.  It’s a simple and painless procedure to insert a small capsule underneath the skin.  We will provide all of the necessary information to register the microchip.  It is a safe and inexpensive procedure to help ensure a pet’s return if they happen to get outside.

We accept cash, personal check or major credit card.