Captain & Jack

Captain & Jack

Captain and Jack are two handsome fellas who are a pair and want to stay that way! They’re 8 years old and although not littermates, they have always been together.

Captain is a beautiful orange tabby who is Mr. Curious! He wants to know everything that’s going on and is extremely playful. Boy, can he jump! He loves his feather toys and wand toys. He will come to you for affection but is a bit shy about being too close.

Jack is a stunner with a marble-like gray coat, and just look at his eyes! He is probably at least partly American Shorthair breed, due to his coloring and large, wide-set eyes.  He kind of follows Captain’s lead. He watches while Captain plays and will join in a little, but mostly prefers to watch. He loves to be near people but is uncomfortable with certain kinds of petting. He’ll need someone who can be sensitive to that.

Captain and Jack will often come running when you come in the door. Captain and Jack are both gentle and sweet but would probably do better in a house with no young children as they’re both a bit shy.

Captain and Jack are up-to-date on vaccinations, tested negative for feline leukemia virus, and have been neutered. Captain’s birthday is approximately March 29, 2014, and Jack’s birthday is approximately May 2, 2-14. Their combined adoption fee is $167.50.